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VEIRIS is a fully working computer vision technologies tailored for KYC need among enterprises. We aim to be the backbone of KYC for enterprise network
Meet VeE
Veiris Enterprise System
VEIRIS connects fintech, bank, utility companies and among many others via VeE to provide frictionless, real-time, and unbeatable data integrity and ownership like no others.
Real-Time Image Processing and Facial Analysis
No Data Leaving Enterprise Environment
No real id
No Real ID is Shared.
Only Template
Only attestation score, timestamp & enterprise level are shared anonymously
18 Million USD
ERC-20 Token
Maximum Cap
Crowd Sale
Veiris enterprise ecosystem incentives
Retained for Veiris Company


Q2 2018

Veiris announce crowdsale

Q3 2018

Crowdsale ends

Token Distribution

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Q4 2018

Veiris enterprise ecosystem goes Life !

Q1 2019

Real-time end user identity protection through veiris enterprise ecosystem goes life !

Q2 2019

Adding more support for non-latin ID, Such as Thailand & Korea

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KiosonTrivConvergence ventures
We’re a team who constantly questions, thinkers, and challenges to unlock great creativity around every turn.
AnwarlimAnwar Yunus
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Anwar is founder and owner of the largest deal coupon site in IndonesiaDealjava,

with offices located in more than 7 big cities across Indonesia from Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and others. Valued more than 20+ Million USD by Goldman Sachs.

Right now dealjava handle more than 10.000+ enterprises as Dealjava's merchant including 5 star hotel, national brand and international brand.

By his interaction with enterprises Anwar understands the needs of KYC automation for enterprise, improving customer experience and saving cost for enterprises.

This passionate technologist is creating waves as the brainchild & Chief Executive Officer of Veiris KYC Technology.

GabrielGabriel Rey
Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Rey is one of the founder and CTO ofTriv exchange,with more than 2 million USD registered paid up capital and serving millions of USD volume on each month making Triv one of the largest and secure bitcoin OTC-style exchange since 2015.

Right now Triv is integrated to 5 major big banks in Indonesia and 61 banks for automatic cash withdrawal across the country.

Mr.Rey's experience and team consist from banking developer and web security expert, handling past projects that requires a lot of web security involved such as CIMB group and Ooredo Group. With more than 7+ Years experience in security field, his vision brings Veiris to another level while complying with regulation standard

KevinKevin Chen
Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Chen is a Chinese businessman and Singaporean resident, Graduated from staffordshire University UK, Kevin is a technology entrepreneur, and executive who is co-founded Keytech Group,

a managed service provider based in Singapore that focus on IT infrastructure and security. He is responsible for oversees the firm's business operationas including sales, marketing, business development, partnership.

and communications. Starting his entrepreneur journey at the age of 22, Kevin has established multiple companies in South East Asia Region which focus on services, trading, and technology.

With his knowledge and expertise in managing operation for companies across south east asia region, Kevin will be one of key driving force behind Veiris operation.

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